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about us 

Established in 1988, CAYLO Group of Companies is formed by Peter Goh Cheng Keay which consists of 14 distinctive private limited companies. The journey starts with CAYLO Used Car Dealership as it gradually expanded and started to venture into various field of businesses. 

Today, CAYLO has successfully established other businesses such as, housing scheme, commercial, construction, manufacturing of building materials, vehicle servicing and also imported luxury cars.


At CAYLO Group of Companies, we are committed to enhance the competitiveness and image of the corporation which would aid the contribution of future development, continuous growth, financially strong, and environmental concern in the near future. Therefore, our commitment towards a strong Economic, Environment and Social practices for the country is embedded throughout the organization


We are a strong team with handpicked management team and well experienced employees which are systematically well established and are committed to provide a top-notch service. With the robust quality CAYLO Group of Companies has to offer, we are confident of being able to face the challenges of globalization and liberalization in the country’s world of businesses in the future.


A dedicated commitment to people, system and technology, we lead the way in providing value to our customers and other stakeholders by producing quality bricks with an ECO-Friendly approach. Hence, we strive to be the monopoly of industry of ECO-Friendly bricks through individual dedication, innovation and integrity. We will provide employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth. 


To achieve a new frontier of property development which revolved around a modern, environmental friendly and affordable approach. 








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